Hi! We’re William and Katie.

We are married, and we are business partners. Together we’ve combined our creative forces—William’s an architect, Katie’s a writer—for our shop, oh dier. (In case you’re wondering, it’s the Dutch spelling of “deer.”)

We read far too many magazines. We (sometimes ferociously) debate the shape of a chair leg, a color choice, or placement of furniture in a room. We are style geeks.

We live in St. Paul. We love Minnesota. (We also love Hawaii, where we got married.)

We want you to love the place you live, the place you work. We make objects to prettify your world.

We excel at worrying, working too hard, collecting things, vintage shopping, and watching marathons of Dexter, Weeds, Friday Night Lights, and LOST on Netflix. A common Friday night contains these shows, Three-Buck Chuck, and the Twin Cities’ most excellent Thai takeout. Our cockapoo, Momo, is always by our sides.

Yes, we are nerds.

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